Love Yourself
My sister and I
4th of july 
ARCHER - Best show ever! 
From being in the movie Forest Gump to being in the Army 

I broke up with my S/O on April 19th, a month after he returned from deployment. I know you’re reading this, and that’s OK… You know I didn’t want to date you because I knew your job would hinder the relationship. I TRIED! I waited for you and I tried doing everything right by you. I thought I knew who you were when we first got together.. but I didn’t.. You changed halfway through deployment. You started asking new questions, you became meaner and you let your surroundings get the best of you. I knew it wasn’t going to work anymore, when you flew me in, and you didn’t even bother getting up to hug me, or didn’t bother to kiss me. I loved you, but you didn’t.. At least I thought that way with your words and actions. Those 2 weeks, I felt like I didn’t know you entirely but I wanted to make it work. The constant belittling, because I wasn’t doing what you wanted me to in life, my actions weren’t up to your standards; your CLEAR issues.. all red flags. I wish you had been honest with me from the beginning. But that’s OK… I wish you the best nonetheless. In the end I cared, but I didn’t really love you. I didn’t cry when I deleted or got rid of everything involving you. Im sure I could have, but we know that you can’t last a whole year with a girl before getting bored. Best of luck

All a FAT lie
"From the moment I decide you are a friend, it does not matter how long I have known you, because I make a commitment right then and there… To be there for you when you need me. That is the way I live my life, and that fact will never change."
— To my best friend